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“Hello Bethea,I am writting too you  to thank ya ll for my readings on my chart.I enjoy studying them & i look for all the postive i can get out of them.You are helping a lot more than you think in your writtings too me.I thank you for that. I just had a dream that has such a impression on my consiciuos mind.I am aware  of whats going on & i study my dreams very closely.I had this dream just the other night & i am thrill about it.I dream of a padlock & a chain & the chain was connected too the padlock.The opadlock had lock the chain  in.Then  I was aware  that i had a key This  key open up the padlock  & i was able too pull the lock open  that had the chain .As i was pulling the chain a loose  i realized that the lock was open up for me too do so.Then the next thing i knew   i was  aware of another  lock i needed  to open up & it was a much smaller.& was aware that a smaller key was  too be used too open up the last lock.I knew what kind of key it was too unlock this small lock.I was aware that i had this key  & i have this key in a cup i have here at my home.I haven t yet put the small key in the lock too open it up,but i am aware i have the key too open up this last small lock i need too do.I know in my hearts of heart i will do that when the time is right for me too do so.I take this too mean that i still have a small part of myself i need too open up.I have open the bigger part  of myself.This small part is the last part i have too open up & i am very much aware  of it.I am working very hard of opening up what i have lock away since child hood.I wanted too share that with you.Also  I want  to say that i can t buy the things that you offer too me.I just don t have the money too buy anything at this point.Like i said i live from pay check too pay check & when all my bills are paid i have nothing left  to buy anything i may want too buy.Maybe some day that will change.Question too you see if i have any money coming my way”



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“Dear Bethea, Good day to you, i really appreciate what you ve been doing to me, and sending email, iam thanking you very much for your time and yhour kindness,consideration of this matter. Actually i ordered already the bracelet with 3 gold card and a bracelet with the dice, card horseshoe enat ect., but the name on the card its my auntie i used her credit card, now iam wearing it. by the way the name of my anutie is Myrna C. Before i send my order i email it to you that i used my auntie credit card, i explane the detail. then you send me a email said beofre you send this gift.”

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“Hi Bethea you did hit the nail on head for my Saturday forecast I did win some money. Thanks”

-Dorothy K

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“Hello there i have been receiving your emails and i really appreciate them because they give me hope that there is happiness and success in my life. Right now in my time of life i am stuck in a rut that i cant seem to get out of. They are really beautiful pieces that i really wish that i could wear. Right now though i cant even afford myself a pair of glasses that i really could use right now. But thank you anyway. At least i know there is someone out there that had hope for me.”


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“It s amazing , the predictions you made about meeting old friends and other stuff were absolutelly rigth, thank s again…”


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“This is just an e-mail wishing you all the best for 2008. I hope that you have as much joy, happiness and peace as you have given me over the last two years. To know that you are in the world looking out for people like me is a blessing. God bless and may 2008 be a wonderful year for you. Kindest regards.”


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“Dear Bethea First of all, may I take this opportunity to thank you so very much for sending me your astrology. I do appreciate it, and have found your predictions for Scorpios very useful in my daily life. Thank you again. Unfortunately, there is a little confusion about my birthday . I think it may be because of the differences between the Australian and the American system of dates. I was actually born on the 8th November, 1949, and not the 11th November as in your records.”


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