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I thought you would like to know that my luck is starting to change. About a month ago I was playing Lions Club radio bingo and won half the loonie ball pot. It came to $4718.83- which came in handy as I needed to buy a new set of dentures for my mouth.I got a laptop and got connected to the internet from my home instead of having to travel about a mile from the house.Then I put some on a generator to help when the pwoer goes off during the winter. Thanks for you interest.”


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“Bethea, I wanted you to know I won $16 on your lottery numbers. Thank you”


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“Yes I have received the order. A lot of what I have read in the book, is right on. I am looking forward to success and money!”

-Frances B

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“Dear Bethea, This is just to let you know that I received your package, November 14, 2007. I was so glad that I have these “Bracelet of Power” along with the two free gifts. Thank you so much and I will follow all the instructions from the comprehensive booklet before I used it. Also, I love the two second free gifts. I hope these will open up a spectacular future full of wealth, good fortune and more loving relationships in the coming future. Let me tell you that upon receiving it, it was a thrilling moment and I cannot express the joy I feel and I really appreciate that you sent it to me.”


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“There HAVE been several events, happenings, etc. that were unexpected and I attribute them to my medallion. 1: I auditioned for a role against some most formidable actresses. I got the role. 2. TWO unexpected checks came my way, just when I was losing faith that I’d be able to pay the bills for the month. In all three of these incidents, I was wearing my St. Michael medallion”


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“thank you for the Pig necklace. I already got a small raise at work, hit on lottery visiting in Pittsburgh. thank you for being here.”


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“Hi Bethea you did hit the nail on head for my Saturday forecast I did win some money. Thanks”

-Dorothy K

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“i played the lotto and won 3 numbers cause i played the numbers you sugested me.”


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“I really like my Jade. thank you very much this is the first time I’m wearing it and I’m going to play bingo and slot machines today.I have confidence in my self and my Jade and micheal Angel that I will win a Jackpot(s).”


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“Hi Bethea, Good day to you, iam lucky since i got the dragon pendant, i won in lottery £l0.00 every wed and sat. but last Sat. i won £20.00. I HOPE I GET THE JACPOT SOON. Please pray for me. thank you very much i ordering now the kit of riches with mandala. i hope email will work out about the mandala and riches kit. thank you very much my friend. I will not hesitate to order this.”


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