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“There HAVE been several events, happenings, etc. that were unexpected and I attribute them to my medallion. 1: I auditioned for a role against some most formidable actresses. I got the role. 2. TWO unexpected checks came my way, just when I was losing faith that I’d be able to pay the bills for the month. In all three of these incidents, I was wearing my St. Michael medallion”



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“Dear Bethea, thank you so much for all the forecasts you have sent me so far. And thank you for the Golden Key and St. Michael the Archangel Medellion.. I received them both today and I am at this very moment wearing them around my neck. I am hoping they will both bring me all the good luck, happiness and wealth I have been waiting on for so long. I am very intrigued deeply with all the information you are sending me. I am also becoming very aware of my sprirituality. I thank you again and God bless you”

From Elizabeth

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