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“I gave the medallion I purchased from you to my husband. and what I hear every now and then are good comment about it. He said it helps him a lot, sometimes he makes a wishes and it came true and it saved him from traffic tickets many times.”



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“Thank you for all your emails and my weekly forcast and spiritual guidance. I love my medallion. It has given me protection and some very good luck since i received it. I just started a new job making more money than i have ever made before. I got this job right after i started wearing my medallion. Maybe just a coincidence but i dont think so. thank you so much.’

-Cindy H.

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“Thanks for Medallion, I feel that it protects me.”

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“Hi I am very happy with it. I have had a few very close calls lately especially on the freeway, nothing happened, but I wear my universal protector at all times. In fact, I really cannot stand to be without it.”


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“Hello dear, I had surgery a few days after I received my pendant. I have healed quickly and everything looks great! I also felt a protective “dome” around me, which I had prayed for. When you’re ill, medicated and quite “out of it” is exactly when evil attempts to “visit” you. My gold and jade “dome” kept me safe when I needed it the most! I am very pleased! Besides…it’s absolutely beautiful!

Sincerely, Nonna M.”

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“Bethea, I love my Eye of Horus. It’s a nice piece of jewellery a give me a feeling of someone wathing over me. Thanks”


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“I felt that the constellaion of medallian made me calm, peaceful and protect me from harmful situation.”


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