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I thought you would like to know that my luck is starting to change. About a month ago I was playing Lions Club radio bingo and won half the loonie ball pot. It came to $4718.83- which came in handy as I needed to buy a new set of dentures for my mouth.I got a laptop and got connected to the internet from my home instead of having to travel about a mile from the house.Then I put some on a generator to help when the pwoer goes off during the winter. Thanks for you interest.”



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The Kalachakra Medallion

The Kalachakra Medallion

 Thanks for your interest in the Kalachakra Medallion. The Kalachakra Medallion is a Buddhist symbol from Tibet that means “the one with 10 powers.” This substantial, solid silver and gold pendant is very protective and dispels negative energy while keeping you in a positive and peaceful state of mind. It is one of my all time favorite pendants and is proving to be ever popular among my friends as well. Buddha¹s Kalachakra Medallion shows how we are all connected to all of humanity and to all life on earth and beyond and how to achieve world peace.

The Kalachakra Medallion
Listen To Bethea Talk About This Precious Medallion

This symbol helps us protect ourselves and live lives of good fortune. It helps us to respect others as well as ourselves. Buddha said, when you harm another, you harm yourself. Give a gift to others and you give a gift to yourself. Stay positive and all things positive will come your way. The secret to peace and prosperity is contained in the secret Kalachakra Medallion, the “one of 10 powers.”

So check back often to see how this stunning and unique piece, rarely seen outside Tibet, has helped people.

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“Bethea, I wanted you to know I won $16 on your lottery numbers. Thank you”


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“Yes I have received the order. A lot of what I have read in the book, is right on. I am looking forward to success and money!”

-Frances B

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“Hi Bethea

I want to really express my gratitude to the Universe through you. These messages you send me really keep me centred and focussed on the sense of abundance, prosperity and joy that surrounds me. it appears as if I on the brink of a great phase in my life and reading these messages only serves to keep my spirit buoyant

much love, light and laughter Anusia”

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“Dear Bethea, This is just to let you know that I received your package, November 14, 2007. I was so glad that I have these “Bracelet of Power” along with the two free gifts. Thank you so much and I will follow all the instructions from the comprehensive booklet before I used it. Also, I love the two second free gifts. I hope these will open up a spectacular future full of wealth, good fortune and more loving relationships in the coming future. Let me tell you that upon receiving it, it was a thrilling moment and I cannot express the joy I feel and I really appreciate that you sent it to me.”


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“Within three days of “activating” my medallion, I received a check for $200 in the mail. On the fourth day, I received notice that an apartment I had wanted to move into had become available to me for a Dec. 1st move in!”


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