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I thought you would like to know that my luck is starting to change. About a month ago I was playing Lions Club radio bingo and won half the loonie ball pot. It came to $4718.83- which came in handy as I needed to buy a new set of dentures for my mouth.I got a laptop and got connected to the internet from my home instead of having to travel about a mile from the house.Then I put some on a generator to help when the pwoer goes off during the winter. Thanks for you interest.”


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“Hi, Since I purchased the Universal protector I wear it everyday of the week and I feel it really makes a difference: my family went to see an astrologer to do my reading and he could see I was entering a very bad luck phase of my life. But I don’t feel that way at all! At the opposite I feel powerful and very positive. I don’t know if it’s thanks to the Universal protector but I believe in it.”


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The Moon Bracelet

Thanks for your interest in the Moon Bracelet.  The moon and its different phases are powerful forces for attracting wealth and well-being. When you wear this stunning cuff and follow the rituals I provided, you can harness this power and enjoy levels of success and abundance you’ve never dreamed imaginable.

The Moon Bracelet
Listen To Bethea Explain The Power of The Moon Bracelet

The materials used to create the Moon Bracelet make it not only a true thing of beauty but also provide additional powers. Sterling silver, mother of pearl and black onyx are all associated with banning negative energy around you and inviting strength, growth and renewal into your life. I hope you’ll keep in touch with me to let me know how the Moon Bracelet has enriched you, and also check back often to see how this gorgeous and unique piece, has helped other people realize their dreams.

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The Three Buddhas Medallion

Thanks for your interest in the 3 Buddhas Medallion. I’m confident that once you tap into the legendary force of this stunning pendant you’ll soon find the answers that you seek in your life. Whether its problems with money, issues with your personal relationships or matters relating to your career, solutions and success will at last be at your fingertips. A better life awaits you when you use the powers of the three aspects of the Buddha and the secrets they reveal.

The 3 Buddhas Medallion
Hear Bethea Explain How The 3 Buddhas Medallion Can Change Your Life

I’m eager to hear how the 3 Buddhas Medallion has changed your life so please check back with me often and keep me updated on your newfound luck. You may also visit my blog regularly to hear the amazing success stories of other people that have been fortunate enough to possess this one-of-a-kind piece and benefit from its amazing powers

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“Got it. It s great!!”

-Christ’s Prophet

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“I gave the medallion I purchased from you to my husband. and what I hear every now and then are good comment about it. He said it helps him a lot, sometimes he makes a wishes and it came true and it saved him from traffic tickets many times.”


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“Yes I did receive my medallion and to be honest with you I have never felt a more powerful piece in my hands. As I was charging the medallion my hands were vibrating and tingling. Although to disappointment the lobster claw clasp on the chain broke in the 3rd day of wearing it. ”


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“I am throughly enjoying my “Jade Dragon” Pendant. Every time I put it on, my energy is heightened. It is especially potent when meditating. My “Jade Dragon” is to powerful to wear all the time. It is wonderful and I am so grateful for my “Jade Dragon.” In Loving Gratitude, Kennette”

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“Iam writting you in regard of  your lovely bracelet I felt the power the first day I recieved  I met a wonderful young lady we were so compatible I  still can t believe it s true, but my problem is I lost my bracelet, becuase of  loop on the clasp was unsecure something so powerful should be more secure can you help me with this problem  I know I must pay how can I get another bracelet I  really like that bracelet of power.”



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