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Circle of 8 Buddha Pendant

I am so very delighted in your interest in the Circle of Eight Buddha Pendant. Buddha has always been regarded as the connector to one’s personal Inner Guide. Buddha has also helped those who believe follow the Eight Paths to Nirvana—the state that transcends suffering and allows dreams and goals to finally come into existence.

Circle of 8 Buddha Pendant
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The Circle of Eight Buddha Pendant, made from 24K Gold Vermeil over Sterling Silver, is not only valued for its extreme beauty and superb craftsmanship, but also for its ability to help those who have the courage and motivation to turn their dreams into realities. I look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things the Circle of Eight Pendant has brought to your life, and I hope you will check back in often to see how this unique pendant has helped others just like you achieve their goals.

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The Three Buddhas Medallion

Thanks for your interest in the 3 Buddhas Medallion. I’m confident that once you tap into the legendary force of this stunning pendant you’ll soon find the answers that you seek in your life. Whether its problems with money, issues with your personal relationships or matters relating to your career, solutions and success will at last be at your fingertips. A better life awaits you when you use the powers of the three aspects of the Buddha and the secrets they reveal.

The 3 Buddhas Medallion
Hear Bethea Explain How The 3 Buddhas Medallion Can Change Your Life

I’m eager to hear how the 3 Buddhas Medallion has changed your life so please check back with me often and keep me updated on your newfound luck. You may also visit my blog regularly to hear the amazing success stories of other people that have been fortunate enough to possess this one-of-a-kind piece and benefit from its amazing powers

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“Yes I did receive my medallion and to be honest with you I have never felt a more powerful piece in my hands. As I was charging the medallion my hands were vibrating and tingling. Although to disappointment the lobster claw clasp on the chain broke in the 3rd day of wearing it. ”


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“HAPPY NEW YEAR BETHEA AND ALL THE BEST TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES! I received the GOLDEN YEAR OF THE PIG PENDENT, yesterday in the mail and I am wearing it it joy and pride. Thank you so much Bethea. I remain , Respectfully yours, Mikel”

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“thank you for the Pig necklace. I already got a small raise at work, hit on lottery visiting in Pittsburgh. thank you for being here.”


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“Dear Bethea,

I received my golden year of the pig pendant on the 27th Dec 2007, with some excitement I put it on even before going through the compendium, this hasty move caused me to miss the ritual of amplifying it. Then till now, I have really observed some changing, this strange bird that always come around each night I am unable to pray has ceased coming, even a lady that always upset my life in dream state has ceased coming too. A great relieve, thank you Beathe. But can you amplify this pendent for me over there?

Thanks Yours Onyenuchie.”

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“Hi Bethea

Just a note to let you know that I ve received the above pendant yesterday. I also like to tell you that when I went to collect my pendant, a few minutes later I received a call from a Government department if I was available for an interview next Monday. I thought I let you know that probably the “Golden Year of the Pig Pendant” has brought me some luck after all.

Kind regards Nancy.”

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“Guess what wonderful lady I received my third “Miraculous Angel Seal Pendent” I was so happy you have no idea.. I am a kid at heart when it comes to my gifts from you. I love things with angels it makes me feel like I have this wonderful connection with my guardian angels as well as my archangels Michael, Rafael, Gabriel and Uriel ect”


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“Hello dear, I had surgery a few days after I received my pendant. I have healed quickly and everything looks great! I also felt a protective “dome” around me, which I had prayed for. When you’re ill, medicated and quite “out of it” is exactly when evil attempts to “visit” you. My gold and jade “dome” kept me safe when I needed it the most! I am very pleased! Besides…it’s absolutely beautiful!

Sincerely, Nonna M.”

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“I am really happy have this Jade Dragon Pendant. I use it everyday.”


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