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“Dear Bethea,

I have to admit, I was skeptical about the power of the medallion, but I have had a couple of things happen in my favor and I’ve had to wonder if it is because of the Archangel Michael Medallion.  If things continue to weigh in my favor I may have to drop my skepticism.  I’ve been in school for the past 5 yrs. working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and I only have one more semester to go.  The final exam in my critical care class was very difficult but when I was unsure about a question I held the medallion hanging from my chain and asked for help to remember what I had studied.  I received a 90% on the final and was pleased considering the difficulty of the exam.  I also received a phone call concerning assistance with my tuition for the next semester.  It will be paid in full!!  I also have had feelings for someone for a very long time but obligations with school, work, and fear of another relationship gone bad has kept things casual for the last two years.  Today seemed to indicate that maybe there could be more.

Anyway, it just seems that everything lately has been in my favor and that is just not how my life has been in the past.  I always say that things will get better and I work hard to make that happen, but the changes in the past two weeks are noticeable and I’m intrigued.

I will let you know if this streak of good fortune continues.


Patti A”


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