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“Hi Bethea,

Thanks sor this email and yeah still wearing the medallion plus loving the way it s crafted and the thought that there are people out there, never even met, that actually care if people are doing ok in life. Thanks, may all our lives going forward be filled with so much joy to realize the wonder of actually living on earth plus appreciating life.




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The Three Buddhas Medallion

Thanks for your interest in the 3 Buddhas Medallion. I’m confident that once you tap into the legendary force of this stunning pendant you’ll soon find the answers that you seek in your life. Whether its problems with money, issues with your personal relationships or matters relating to your career, solutions and success will at last be at your fingertips. A better life awaits you when you use the powers of the three aspects of the Buddha and the secrets they reveal.

The 3 Buddhas Medallion
Hear Bethea Explain How The 3 Buddhas Medallion Can Change Your Life

I’m eager to hear how the 3 Buddhas Medallion has changed your life so please check back with me often and keep me updated on your newfound luck. You may also visit my blog regularly to hear the amazing success stories of other people that have been fortunate enough to possess this one-of-a-kind piece and benefit from its amazing powers

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The Kalachakra Medallion

The Kalachakra Medallion

 Thanks for your interest in the Kalachakra Medallion. The Kalachakra Medallion is a Buddhist symbol from Tibet that means “the one with 10 powers.” This substantial, solid silver and gold pendant is very protective and dispels negative energy while keeping you in a positive and peaceful state of mind. It is one of my all time favorite pendants and is proving to be ever popular among my friends as well. Buddha¹s Kalachakra Medallion shows how we are all connected to all of humanity and to all life on earth and beyond and how to achieve world peace.

The Kalachakra Medallion
Listen To Bethea Talk About This Precious Medallion

This symbol helps us protect ourselves and live lives of good fortune. It helps us to respect others as well as ourselves. Buddha said, when you harm another, you harm yourself. Give a gift to others and you give a gift to yourself. Stay positive and all things positive will come your way. The secret to peace and prosperity is contained in the secret Kalachakra Medallion, the “one of 10 powers.”

So check back often to see how this stunning and unique piece, rarely seen outside Tibet, has helped people.

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“HI Bethea, I am most certainly enjoying my Archangle Michael necklace he has bought me so much peace and comfort i am so glad i have him…… many thanks penny”

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“I gave the medallion I purchased from you to my husband. and what I hear every now and then are good comment about it. He said it helps him a lot, sometimes he makes a wishes and it came true and it saved him from traffic tickets many times.”


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“hi bethea plesae dont st0p e-mailing me. everytime i read one of your messages, i feel so much better. i wish i could get this necklace,but i can t afford it. i brought the archangel michael, and i could hardly afford it. i m living off of $623.00 amonth.evry penny i have to save. if you are are as good as i think you are,then you know i m telling the truth. bless you. love phyllis *”

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“Thank you very much for sending me the Medallion I couldn t be happer with it. I allready feel more at peace.”

-T. Woodward

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