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“Hello Betha! Wow! I am very satisfied with my ArchAngel Michael Mad.! I came into $20,000.00 cash with-in the first week of wearing my beautiful charm! Thank You sooo much for suggesting my purchasing such a truly magnificant item!”

-Toni G.

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Yes thanks Bethea – I love them ! I look forward to them every week and use the numbers to play the UK Lotto and Friday s EuroMillions. The daily horoscopes are terrific too and so inspirational and amazingly accurate too. I hope that you are enjoying spending more time with your family and easing off a little with your work load. You are a great person and astrologer. I ve loved the offers over the years too. The Lourdes Cross in particular and the Angel book and the Healing and tarot kits have been excellent!”

-Peter B.

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