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“Hi Bethea,

Thanks sor this email and yeah still wearing the medallion plus loving the way it s crafted and the thought that there are people out there, never even met, that actually care if people are doing ok in life. Thanks, may all our lives going forward be filled with so much joy to realize the wonder of actually living on earth plus appreciating life.



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The Three Buddhas Medallion

Thanks for your interest in the 3 Buddhas Medallion. I’m confident that once you tap into the legendary force of this stunning pendant you’ll soon find the answers that you seek in your life. Whether its problems with money, issues with your personal relationships or matters relating to your career, solutions and success will at last be at your fingertips. A better life awaits you when you use the powers of the three aspects of the Buddha and the secrets they reveal.

The 3 Buddhas Medallion
Hear Bethea Explain How The 3 Buddhas Medallion Can Change Your Life

I’m eager to hear how the 3 Buddhas Medallion has changed your life so please check back with me often and keep me updated on your newfound luck. You may also visit my blog regularly to hear the amazing success stories of other people that have been fortunate enough to possess this one-of-a-kind piece and benefit from its amazing powers

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“Dear Bethea Thank you…… have just received my bracelet and 8 Talisman….. its beautiful! I am at work and I have put it on my wrist…. Will let you know of extra – ordinary happenings in my life now onwards. Thanks again!”

-Pamela G

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“Thanks heaps Bethea! I recieved my gold cards abd my lucky buddhas too.! They look great! Thanks for all your guidance help and support through all this crazyness going on in my life at the moment! Plz prey for me. i trust in god and the angels to protect me andkeep me safe from whaytever is trying to get at me. thanks for all…take it easy. talk to u again soon. p.s you are da best! cheers..”

-Chris E.

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“hi bethea plesae dont st0p e-mailing me. everytime i read one of your messages, i feel so much better. i wish i could get this necklace,but i can t afford it. i brought the archangel michael, and i could hardly afford it. i m living off of $623.00 amonth.evry penny i have to save. if you are are as good as i think you are,then you know i m telling the truth. bless you. love phyllis *”

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“Thank you for all your emails and my weekly forcast and spiritual guidance. I love my medallion. It has given me protection and some very good luck since i received it. I just started a new job making more money than i have ever made before. I got this job right after i started wearing my medallion. Maybe just a coincidence but i dont think so. thank you so much.’

-Cindy H.

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“Hi Bethea, Recieved my medalion. It is more beautiful than I imagined!! I have had many compliments from people and especially from my best friend who is Chancillor of St Steven s College here in Edmonton. Many exciting things have happened since I have started wearing them. I am being blessed with a lot of good things. It is beautiful. Thankyou, Darlene K.”

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