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“Thank you. Since you have been in my life and I ve learned the many secrets of happiness, my world is much different. I appreciate that more then I can possibly ever express. Thank you for having made a difference.”

– Becky


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“I really like my Jade. thank you very much this is the first time I’m wearing it and I’m going to play bingo and slot machines today.I have confidence in my self and my Jade and micheal Angel that I will win a Jackpot(s).”


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“Hello dear, I had surgery a few days after I received my pendant. I have healed quickly and everything looks great! I also felt a protective “dome” around me, which I had prayed for. When you’re ill, medicated and quite “out of it” is exactly when evil attempts to “visit” you. My gold and jade “dome” kept me safe when I needed it the most! I am very pleased! Besides…it’s absolutely beautiful!

Sincerely, Nonna M.”

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“I am really happy have this Jade Dragon Pendant. I use it everyday.”


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“Hi Bethea, Good day to you, iam lucky since i got the dragon pendant, i won in lottery £l0.00 every wed and sat. but last Sat. i won £20.00. I HOPE I GET THE JACPOT SOON. Please pray for me. thank you very much i ordering now the kit of riches with mandala. i hope email will work out about the mandala and riches kit. thank you very much my friend. I will not hesitate to order this.”


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“Hi Bethea, Many thanks for the email and I can say for definite that things are changing for the better and I feel the necklace giving me alot of strength and I sense the vibration from it! It s quite wonderful, and I will endeavour to keep you updated of any dramatic changes that occur over time.”


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“I am throughly enjoying my “Jade Dragon” Pendant. Every time I put it on, my energy is heightened. It is especially potent when meditating. My “Jade Dragon” is to powerful to wear all the time. It is wonderful and I am so grateful for my “Jade Dragon.” In Loving Gratitude, Kennette”

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