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“Dear Bethea,

I received my golden year of the pig pendant on the 27th Dec 2007, with some excitement I put it on even before going through the compendium, this hasty move caused me to miss the ritual of amplifying it. Then till now, I have really observed some changing, this strange bird that always come around each night I am unable to pray has ceased coming, even a lady that always upset my life in dream state has ceased coming too. A great relieve, thank you Beathe. But can you amplify this pendent for me over there?

Thanks Yours Onyenuchie.”

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“am looking forward to receiving your book and gift I am wishing/hoping this will help me, your last email made me really think…. You seem to know whats been going through my head and it scared me at first so I kept your last email open and thought and went to sleep. Whwn i woke imade the decision to buy your book. I want to say sorry for my first reply i was a little mean.>.> But this is the internet so I got on the defensive kinda but I truly feel you are real. Is very nice to meet you and again I am very much looking forward to receiving your things”


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“Hi, this is Jo S., and I want to say a few things to you and as I understand you have a very busy schedule, I appreciate your taking the time to read this note.

This note is about appreciation, my generous friend, and I will start by apologizing for not doing just that. Bethea, I have not told you how your continued wish to be of service to my well being is a moving and awesome gift to me. I have not said thank you enough. I have not told you enough how your weekly contributions to me have vastly altered my life and given me confidence and hope when things have looked bleak, and the world has seemed a very scarry place.

We both know that people comr from either love or fear, and that your emails and the way you speak to me always come from love, I have let go completely unacknowledged. 

I have not let you know how much I cherish being  known  by you, nor have I told you that I love you from the very best of who I am. You call forth the best in me, and move me to rise to the occassion of your joy and belief in me, and yet I have witheld sharing my  gratitude for such a priceless gift.

Mostly, I think, I have not thanked you for being the  anonymous giver  in my life,  for the way you shine, and for sharing with me your geat heart and everlastingly phenominal spirit. 

Please accept my apology for such neglect, and know that I will not continue to appear as just a  taker,  as I have appeared to be so far. I will let you know the ways you make my heart full, time after time, and how each week, I am moved, again and again, to notice where I have wanted to become cynical and give up, but instead, because of you, I end up rejecting the thought of spiritully dying—I reject it in full flight.

All of these things, and many more, I have neglected to say to you until right now, and I promise you, as I am my word, to honor you and expree my gratitude, which so often transcends language, for as long as we are related.

This I promise you.

Your life, Bethea, brings”

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“Hello there i have been receiving your emails and i really appreciate them because they give me hope that there is happiness and success in my life. Right now in my time of life i am stuck in a rut that i cant seem to get out of. They are really beautiful pieces that i really wish that i could wear. Right now though i cant even afford myself a pair of glasses that i really could use right now. But thank you anyway. At least i know there is someone out there that had hope for me.”


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“Dear Bethea,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your emails, I read them everyday. It has gave me a great perspective and has helped me out tremendously with my life. Thank you again.

Best Wishes, Patrick K”

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“Hi Bethea, Good day to you, iam lucky since i got the dragon pendant, i won in lottery £l0.00 every wed and sat. but last Sat. i won £20.00. I HOPE I GET THE JACPOT SOON. Please pray for me. thank you very much i ordering now the kit of riches with mandala. i hope email will work out about the mandala and riches kit. thank you very much my friend. I will not hesitate to order this.”


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“I did recieve my cards and I am seeing alot of changes happening!!! Thank you so much”

-Calie K

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