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“Yes I received the Bracelet of Power and was surprised that it actually went around my wrist. I have a large wrist 7-3/4 inches around. I ve been wearing it since it arrived. Thank you so much and have A GREAT DAY”


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“Hi Bethea

I want to really express my gratitude to the Universe through you. These messages you send me really keep me centred and focussed on the sense of abundance, prosperity and joy that surrounds me. it appears as if I on the brink of a great phase in my life and reading these messages only serves to keep my spirit buoyant

much love, light and laughter Anusia”

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“Thank you my dear. As you told me, long time ago, maybe 3 years ago, you dreamed about “me having a nice sedan with the leather seats parked in front of my home”. So finally I got it. I did not really think about it, but today when I went to pick up my car from delivery shop on my way home I felt happy and content. Then, I remembered you and your vision. Thank you my dear friend. I really appreciate your help.”


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“Hello Just to say you are spot on, i have recently signed a publishing contract with the States your monthly forecasts are indeed valuable.”

-Maxine D.

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“Dear Bethea, Good day to you, i really appreciate what you ve been doing to me, and sending email, iam thanking you very much for your time and yhour kindness,consideration of this matter. Actually i ordered already the bracelet with 3 gold card and a bracelet with the dice, card horseshoe enat ect., but the name on the card its my auntie i used her credit card, now iam wearing it. by the way the name of my anutie is Myrna C. Before i send my order i email it to you that i used my auntie credit card, i explane the detail. then you send me a email said beofre you send this gift.”

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“Bethea: I just wanted to send you some information concerning the bracelet I bought from you. Well it starts out like this, my neighbor that live next door to me that I have been having so many problems with has been having financial problems and the ladies husband ask my husband if we wanted to buy there mobil home . My husband told them no that we have no use for it, and his wife the one that I was having all the problems with started telling me about them getting ready to loose there home on the 17th of November and that they didn t have any money for evan food.  So I took it oppond myself to buy their mobil home so theyd have money for food, but still would need to move.”


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“Bethea I truly thankyou for all your guidance this year. I absolutely adore your forcast and tips that you give to me. Please continue to send me your forcast and tips for a good year!!! Thanks as always.”

-Deborah N

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