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“Hi Bethea,

Thanks sor this email and yeah still wearing the medallion plus loving the way it s crafted and the thought that there are people out there, never even met, that actually care if people are doing ok in life. Thanks, may all our lives going forward be filled with so much joy to realize the wonder of actually living on earth plus appreciating life.



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“Yes I received the Bracelet of Power and was surprised that it actually went around my wrist. I have a large wrist 7-3/4 inches around. I ve been wearing it since it arrived. Thank you so much and have A GREAT DAY”


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“Hi, Since I purchased the Universal protector I wear it everyday of the week and I feel it really makes a difference: my family went to see an astrologer to do my reading and he could see I was entering a very bad luck phase of my life. But I don’t feel that way at all! At the opposite I feel powerful and very positive. I don’t know if it’s thanks to the Universal protector but I believe in it.”


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“Thank you. Since you have been in my life and I ve learned the many secrets of happiness, my world is much different. I appreciate that more then I can possibly ever express. Thank you for having made a difference.”

– Becky

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The Goddess Isis Necklace

The Goddess Isis Necklace

Thank you for your interest in the Goddess Isis necklace. This amazing winged Goddess is still celebrated today. She is also known as the goddess of countless names. This is because of her immense power in all realms of life. I believe there’s a goddess in all of us, and to awaken her spirit is to discover your true path in life, the path to success.

Goddess Isis Necklace
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The women I know who are the happiest and the most fulfilled are those who’ve been true to their passion and nature.  I recommend this beautiful Egyptian Talisman as a means to awaken the Isis that resides in all of us. Please keep in touch so I can hear your own personal story of achievement.

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“It is amazing, about a year ago you pulled the same cards, with the same meaning and I have to say that it is great. Thank you”

-J. Marinez

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“Hi Bethea

I want to really express my gratitude to the Universe through you. These messages you send me really keep me centred and focussed on the sense of abundance, prosperity and joy that surrounds me. it appears as if I on the brink of a great phase in my life and reading these messages only serves to keep my spirit buoyant

much love, light and laughter Anusia”

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