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I thought you would like to know that my luck is starting to change. About a month ago I was playing Lions Club radio bingo and won half the loonie ball pot. It came to $4718.83- which came in handy as I needed to buy a new set of dentures for my mouth.I got a laptop and got connected to the internet from my home instead of having to travel about a mile from the house.Then I put some on a generator to help when the pwoer goes off during the winter. Thanks for you interest.”


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“Hi, Since I purchased the Universal protector I wear it everyday of the week and I feel it really makes a difference: my family went to see an astrologer to do my reading and he could see I was entering a very bad luck phase of my life. But I don’t feel that way at all! At the opposite I feel powerful and very positive. I don’t know if it’s thanks to the Universal protector but I believe in it.”


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“Thank you. Since you have been in my life and I ve learned the many secrets of happiness, my world is much different. I appreciate that more then I can possibly ever express. Thank you for having made a difference.”

– Becky

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“Since I received the medalion, things have seemed to change. At work things have changed most for the better some not, but it’s all a matter of perspective. I feel that there will be bigger changes on the horizon. I’ll let you know about any changes in the future. Sincerely Jose”

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“THANK YOU FOR SENDING THE universal protector has a very calming influence on everyone the protector for the home made a big difference i love the pendent I RECEIVED THE SCARAB PENDENT THIS WEEK ALSO the golden year of the pig . WILL LET YOU KNOW AT ALATER DATE how they work .many thanks ”


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“Hi Bethea, Recieved my medalion. It is more beautiful than I imagined!! I have had many compliments from people and especially from my best friend who is Chancillor of St Steven s College here in Edmonton. Many exciting things have happened since I have started wearing them. I am being blessed with a lot of good things. It is beautiful. Thankyou, Darlene K.”

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“Dear Bethea,

I received my golden year of the pig pendant on the 27th Dec 2007, with some excitement I put it on even before going through the compendium, this hasty move caused me to miss the ritual of amplifying it. Then till now, I have really observed some changing, this strange bird that always come around each night I am unable to pray has ceased coming, even a lady that always upset my life in dream state has ceased coming too. A great relieve, thank you Beathe. But can you amplify this pendent for me over there?

Thanks Yours Onyenuchie.”

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