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“Hi Bethea,

Thanks sor this email and yeah still wearing the medallion plus loving the way it s crafted and the thought that there are people out there, never even met, that actually care if people are doing ok in life. Thanks, may all our lives going forward be filled with so much joy to realize the wonder of actually living on earth plus appreciating life.



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“Dearest Bethea,

Thank-you so much for creating this amulet. It is amazing at how powerful it truly is. I could feel it from the first time I held it in my hand and then after I consecrated my amulet and then charged it, I felt giddy and started giggling and just felt joyful! Even my eleven year old son could feel it and the amulet has improved our relationship with one another. You see, my son is ADHD and on medication. We are sometimes at odds with one another and it can get really tense but since I received my amulet it’s been peaceful between us. I feel there’s something bigger coming!”


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