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“Yes I received the Bracelet of Power and was surprised that it actually went around my wrist. I have a large wrist 7-3/4 inches around. I ve been wearing it since it arrived. Thank you so much and have A GREAT DAY”



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“Well for some reason it could be possible that the bracelet worked because within this last week I ve felt that a huge amount of negative energy has been lifted off of me. ”


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The Moon Bracelet

Thanks for your interest in the Moon Bracelet. ┬áThe moon and its different phases are powerful forces for attracting wealth and well-being. When you wear this stunning cuff and follow the rituals I provided, you can harness this power and enjoy levels of success and abundance you’ve never dreamed imaginable.

The Moon Bracelet
Listen To Bethea Explain The Power of The Moon Bracelet

The materials used to create the Moon Bracelet make it not only a true thing of beauty but also provide additional powers. Sterling silver, mother of pearl and black onyx are all associated with banning negative energy around you and inviting strength, growth and renewal into your life. I hope you’ll keep in touch with me to let me know how the Moon Bracelet has enriched you, and also check back often to see how this gorgeous and unique piece, has helped other people realize their dreams.

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“Dear Bethea, This is just to let you know that I received your package, November 14, 2007. I was so glad that I have these “Bracelet of Power” along with the two free gifts. Thank you so much and I will follow all the instructions from the comprehensive booklet before I used it. Also, I love the two second free gifts. I hope these will open up a spectacular future full of wealth, good fortune and more loving relationships in the coming future. Let me tell you that upon receiving it, it was a thrilling moment and I cannot express the joy I feel and I really appreciate that you sent it to me.”


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“Got it. It s great!!”

-Christ’s Prophet

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“I received the bracelet. It is quite beautiful. Thank you.”


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“Hi Bethea- Well, don t know if this is related to the bracelet or not, but…I am a student (re-entry) and just received two A s on my report card, one class I thought I was going to fail! So, not sure if this comes under the scope of the bracelet, but… Thanks”


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