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“Yes I received the Bracelet of Power and was surprised that it actually went around my wrist. I have a large wrist 7-3/4 inches around. I ve been wearing it since it arrived. Thank you so much and have A GREAT DAY”


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“Well for some reason it could be possible that the bracelet worked because within this last week I ve felt that a huge amount of negative energy has been lifted off of me. ”


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“Dear Bethea, This is just to let you know that I received your package, November 14, 2007. I was so glad that I have these “Bracelet of Power” along with the two free gifts. Thank you so much and I will follow all the instructions from the comprehensive booklet before I used it. Also, I love the two second free gifts. I hope these will open up a spectacular future full of wealth, good fortune and more loving relationships in the coming future. Let me tell you that upon receiving it, it was a thrilling moment and I cannot express the joy I feel and I really appreciate that you sent it to me.”


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“Got it. It s great!!”

-Christ’s Prophet

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“Thank you, I use it as an anklet. Unfortunately about a week ago, I left it at a friend’s house while I was doing bodywork there. I don’t feel great about not wearing it and am looking forward to getting it back. I just got the necklace and hope I have the information about the days to wear it for activation. I know the first date was Nov. 24, but I did not receive it until today Nov. 28.”


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“thanks bethea for sending me this precious gift i hope to improve my life further,thank you very much.”


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“The Bracelet of Power is wonderful. Thank You”


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