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“Thank you. Since you have been in my life and I ve learned the many secrets of happiness, my world is much different. I appreciate that more then I can possibly ever express. Thank you for having made a difference.”

– Becky


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“Dear Bethea! I was so happy to hear from you, and Yes!!Things are beginning to improve for me, and I will be eternally grateful to you always. I love my Medallion, and have it with me almost always. The first great thing that happened is that my son was able to find an excellent position after being terminated after 24 years of service ”


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“Yes, things have changed fast. Checks are coming in the mail that I have waited long to receive. My social life is great. Men are giving me gifts that I would not even expect to speak to me. A beautiful new scooter has been purchased for me by the company and the check was for 20 dollars move that needed. The house is getting settled and my things put in order that has been in caos for three years. I was to the point of desperation and depression. All that has changed in one week. Thank You very much. Love and best wishes always, Lillian”

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“Dear Bethea, thank you very much for so beautiful “Constallation Virgo medalion” and Pig Pendant – I have got today and love them very much! I believe that they will bring more light and happiness into my life 🙂 ”


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“thanks bethea for sending me this precious gift i hope to improve my life further,thank you very much.”


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The bracelet was lovely. The day it arrived my daughter was visiting, talking about her troubles. She was just divorced and lost her job. She has two children and was scared something else was going to happen. 

I opened the package as we talked and I read the letter, thinking my daughter needs good luck more than I, so I showed her the letter and the bracelet. She put on the bracelet, saying “I need all the luck I can find.”

That was about two months ago. Many changes have happened. She finally sold her house (she was close to loosing it) and was able to buy a car, plus one of the biggest aerospace companies at Nasa hired her. Of couse, she had forgotten about the bracelet, until I reminded her. She refuses to give it back (ha). I never had the chance to wear it.

I really don’t know if the bracelet helped but her life did turn around and for that I’m thankful. 

Claudette B.”

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“Dear Bethea,

I have to admit, I was skeptical about the power of the medallion, but I have had a couple of things happen in my favor and I’ve had to wonder if it is because of the Archangel Michael Medallion.  If things continue to weigh in my favor I may have to drop my skepticism.  I’ve been in school for the past 5 yrs. working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and I only have one more semester to go.  The final exam in my critical care class was very difficult but when I was unsure about a question I held the medallion hanging from my chain and asked for help to remember what I had studied.  I received a 90% on the final and was pleased considering the difficulty of the exam.  I also received a phone call concerning assistance with my tuition for the next semester.  It will be paid in full!!  I also have had feelings for someone for a very long time but obligations with school, work, and fear of another relationship gone bad has kept things casual for the last two years.  Today seemed to indicate that maybe there could be more.

Anyway, it just seems that everything lately has been in my favor and that is just not how my life has been in the past.  I always say that things will get better and I work hard to make that happen, but the changes in the past two weeks are noticeable and I’m intrigued.

I will let you know if this streak of good fortune continues.


Patti A”

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